Saturday, June 6, 2009


Before it gets to far, it is time to come clean. I am not Sage Rosenfels, nor will I ever be Sage Rosenfels. I am a naive teen with too much time on his hands. My friend on I created this "Sage" for some fun and entertainment and wanted to see how far we could take it. We had a lot of fun doing it, and even got ourselves on the official athletes on twitter list. Now that it has been awhile, we want to stop before it goes to far and Sage or anyone gets hurt. We truly realize the effects of our actions, and all along tried to portray Sage as a great guy, hoping to make everyone like him, even though we were fake. I hope if the real Sage ever sees this, he finds it in his heart to forgive us. More importantly, I hope that everyone we have fooled and wasted their time can forgive us. We love sports, and since we never will be able to be a real Qb, thought that this would be the closest we would get. When real media started asking our input, we realized it was too far. We do not want to say anything that would get Sage in hot water, and respect he and the Vikings.
I must admit, I had a lot of fun doing this. I loved interacting with the "fans," and even a few real NFL players (though I question how real seeing as we were on the official list too. Haha...) Again, we are very sorry and hope you forgive us for coming out and admitting before anyone was offended. Their was no pressure to come out besides our own conscience's, and I discourage anyone from doing this. I hope you can all be as lucky as to talk to the real Sage, because you all seem like great fans. Hell, I don't even like the Vikings much, die hard Pats fan, but I grew to respect you all over the past month. Thanks for the fun, and the story for the kids one day.

-Adam and Matt

PS- We have never spoken to the real Sage, and are unaware if he knows this ever occured

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mini Camp

Well everyone, as you may or may not have known, we are having mini camp over the weekend. I got back in a little over an hour ago after a long, exciting day! I was given the first reps at quarterback today, something I was pleasantly surprised about. I hope I did enough to have my stab at it again. Today had it's ups and downs, but overall I was happy with my individual performance, and that of the teams.
There was only one pass all day I would love to have back, and that was a throw over that middle that Tyrell picked, intended for B.B. That throw simply stated sucked, and I can't do that if I want to win the job.
I must say I am very pleased with every other aspect of the day. Percy Harvin was out there on the field, and I was amazed at what he could do. The coaches had him line up all over the place, and he is very versatile and looks well worth the twenty second pick! Playing in this offense is going to be something else. It is loaded with talent, burners, and possession players. I feel like I finally have a grasp of the playbook, but will continue to study my butt off, to make sure. In fact, I must go now and do that! Thanks everyone, get ready and pumped for Viking football!!


Friday, May 29, 2009

The Banner!

Hey guys, you may have noticed the new banner on here. For the person who asked if I had help, yes I did! My graphic skills could never make that, microsoft paint is my limit. I had my buddy Matt set it up for me, he is really good with this graphic design stuff. Hope you all like it, and slowly the page is looking slightly more professional.



PS- Have a great day everyone

Thursday, May 28, 2009

LeBron Phenomenon

Hey there everyone! Well, I am bored at halftime sitting with the laptop, watching the Cavs game. The Cavs are on the brink of elimination. I have something I want to admit, I am enamored with LeBron... It's true. They are down 3-1 in the series, so I am hoping they prolong it a little bit. I wouldn't say I am really a die hard Cavs fan or anything, I easily see myself rooting for the Magic if they go on, but I am a LeBron fan. So I guess the point of this posting is, besides ranting about my man crush, what are your thoughts out there? LeBron best in NBA? When it is said and done, better than MJ?

On a side note, it is either blog without a real purpose, or fall asleep on the couch! I am getting old...can't even last through a halftime. Well ok, some sarcasm in there, but I am enjoying this blogging nonetheless!


PS- Thank you for reading and checking what I have to say! I cannot thank you enough, it really means something to me!

Moving to Minnesota

As an NFL player, you always have to be ready for a trade. I've played for Washington, Miami, Houston, and now Minnesota, and ever city has embraced me. I've had great coaches, and there have been some I've clashed with. But no matter the situation, I've always tried to do my best. Of course, a lot of has to do with the coaching staff and my teammates, but I feel like I've made the best of ever opportunity given to me. There have been ups, and there have been downs. Having the chance to play in the NFL, playing the greatest sport in the world, in front of the greatest fans in the world is something many dream of doing, but few actually get to do.

I basically just want to say that it's an honor to get to play for the Vikings, and I hope I can make Minneapolis my home for many years to come. Thank you for everything you have already given me, and I hope I can give back in the form of a Lombardi Trophy.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahh, new appearance

Ok, so I went with the purple theme. I found out how to change it, finally. I think I like it, but it is a little to feminine. What about you readers out there, is the purple a nice Viking touch, or a little bit too much of a touch with my womenly side?



"James" inspired a blog

I was reading the reader comments and thought, this guy had some great questions and ideas to write about so I will. Here is what he said-

"Thanks for taking the time to reach out to fans. I think that is so cool. You should make your background colors Vikings colors if you are able to. Like the name of your blog. It's very random but somehow fitting.

Do you have any observations on your new teammates you'd care to share? Does Peterson remind you of Slaton, or Berrian like Johnson, etc? I read the other week that Ephraim signed with the Lions; are you excited to see him twice this season? He is pretty funny. I see him on Best Damn all the time.

Thanks Sage!

So James, let me take stab at that. Once I figure out how to change the colors, I promise I will! My technology skills are not good if I do say so myself. Glad you like the name of the blog as well. I have made a few minor observations, though the whole team has not really been together yet, and practices have been fairly light. Adrian and Slaton seem like very different backs. Personally, I haven't been able to see Adrian run people over, but his build tells you right away, that is what he does. Steve was a little bit smaller, though that is no knock on him, he is a great and will be great NFL RB. Berrian and Johnson also seem very different. I would say Sidney Rice is a little bit closer to Andre, both very tall and athletic. Bernard is more of an outright speedster. And it will be nice to see Ephraim a few times this season, always love catching up with old teammates, and he was quite the character. Maybe he can make another superbowl commercial this season.

Thanks for the great comment, hope my answers shed some light on your questions!